Chuck & Joan Curtis

“For those considering buying or selling a home, I give Peg Chism my highest recommendation. Peg has helped my husband and me sell two house and buy two houses (not at the same time!). Our most recent selling of our home went smoothly because of sound advice given to us by Peg about recent trends in the real estate market. She helped us understand what we could expect throughout the process and provided us with information that enabled us to sell our home quickly. When it came to our next home purchase, Peg kept us level-headed as the former owner was not easy to negotiate with nor always reasonable (my opinion). When we were ready to give up on purchasing the home, Peg kept the talks going and worked with the seller’s realtor to help get the purchase completed. She was confident, reassuring, professional, knowledgeable, and understood what we wanted. I do not believe that I would be living in my lovely dream-home without Peg’s determination to get the deal done. Thank you, Peg, for helping my husband and me find this home! Your hard work and determination is greatly appreciated.”