Vijita & Shanil – 2015

“To Whomsoever it may concern:

My wife and I would like to sincerely Thank Peg Chism for outstanding services in helping us find our new home for second time. Yes. Peg Chism helped us find our first home 7 years back. She did a great job then and never missed to keep in touch over the years. I always wondered why would a realtor want to maintain relationship after closing. One thing was very clear–Being in touch after the sale showed trust of service that was provided. No wonder when we decided to buy our second home, Peg was our obvious choice. She has the same flare and knowledge after 7 years that helped steer decisions to right direction without influencing choices.

Peg Chism has in-depth local. Her specialization on digital marketing plus attention to details; visualizing perceptions across multiple parties enabled us to rent our first home and close sale seamlessly on the second. I would definitely recommend her to friends and families. I wish Peg all the best on her future endeavors. Being happy with current home, I do not wish to work with a realtor in the near future. But need comes for good, I would definitely look up to Peg Chism for her reliable services. Please keep in touch. Thank you for all your help and advice.”